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The Gathering of Friends

Oct. 6,7 & 8, 2001
Nashville, Tenn.

In October of 1999, there was a Gathering of Friends in Nashville, Tenn. Folks came from as far away as was a wonderful opportunity for those of us who "chat" on line about caregiving to actually come face to face. It has been decided that we need to do that again.

We will hold a Gathering of Friends II in Nashville, on Oct.6th, 7th and 8th.. For some it will be a holiday weekend (Columbus Day) and therefore give those people an extra day. In '99 we did a lot of sight-seeing around Nashville, which was wonderful. This year we would like to do more sharing, more conversation. Most of us have continued the caregiving since '99 and we need to share, to vent, to ask and to tell our stories.

The agenda is shaping up this way:

Friday, Oct. 5........Arrival Day. Some people may drive, some (like myself) will be flying in to Nashville. We will need to know what help you need so we can make arrangements to pick you up at the airport.

We are planning a pizza party for that evening. Very casual.

Saturday, Oct.6....A Day to Share....The Memory Walk starts at 9am. We will gather later in the morning for coffee and discussion. Lunch. An afternoon of sharing. That evening we are invited to Jamie's (aka DrMom1955) for a bar-b-que.

Sunday, Oct.7.....We'll spend the day at Opreyland Hotel. If you've never been there, you have a treat in store. It's something to see! There are many other attractions in the Nashville area and those who have a vehicle are certainly invited to take advantage of them.

Monday, Oct.8.....This will be departure day.

Our intention with this weekend is to make it a respite weekend for all of us. Many of us have made close relationships via The Ribbon and the Internet and this will give us an opportunity to put a face to the typing and to reach out and hug those wonderful friends we've made here on line.

Motel Information

We have planned on everyone to stay at Crossland Economy Studios. As the name says they are studios. I am amazed that they are cheaper than a motel room. You will have a little kitchenette with 2 burners, microwave, coffeemaker, small refrigerator. They do not serve a breakfast of any kind but Shoney's with their great breakfast bar is right down the street.

The rates I've been quoted are as follows:

1 Bed1 Adult$35.00 + tax = 39.64
1 Bed2 Adults$40.00 + tax = 45.30
2 Beds1 Adult$39.00 + tax = 44.17
2 Beds2 Adults$45.00 + tax= 55.50

We have not blocked off any rooms yet as we do not know how many are attending. You can make your reservations by calling 1-800-398-7829
You may visit the website and see the rooms and/or make your reservations.

Crossland Economy Studios then click on the Crossland logo

When you make your airline reservation please let us know the flight information so that we can make the arrangements for transportation.

We are so excited and looking forward to seeing everyone!!

Please advise as to whether or not you are planning on attending by Labor Day. At that time, we will begin to coordinate airport pick-ups for Friday, the 6th. Anyone who is driving, will have a vehicle and is willing to be a "taxi", should advise us of that. Jamie has a couple of cars available to her, a couple people are renting cars at the airport. So we should be fine....just inform us so we can plan.

Those of us who attended GOF '99 found it to be a fulfilling weekend. We hope you feel the same way about GOF'01....

Let us know....looking forward to meeting you!

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