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The Ribbon - Care for Caregivers
Let the Countdown begin!!!

Hi there, folks,
From East to West.
I've just dropped buy
To give my best.

To let you know,
We'll all meet soon.
Underneath that
Nashville Moon.

I'm "WilloRain"
"Willo" for short!
I'm here to give,
A progress report.

More like a countdown
As days pass by.
I have to tell you,
The day's will fly!

The calendar sits
Upon my shelf,
Twenty-four more days.
Can't believe it myself!

So, as we move
Towards "Gathering" day,
I'll probably have
some more to say.

Mark off those days
Till we all meet.
I'm so excited,
Can't stay in my seat!

Don't forget
Your "Southern Drawl"
Until next time,
I'll see Y'all...

Loraine... <Willo>
(The Quiet & Shy One!)

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