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Gathering of Friends
Oct. 6 - 8, 2001
Nashville, TN

There have been a lot of inquiries about the Gathering of Friends in we need some information from you, our wonderful Ribbon readers. So that we can finalize our ( The Ribbon staff) plans for that weekend, we need some feedback from you. It would be appreciated if we could have this by Labor Day, Sept. 3rd.

If you are not planning on attending, know that you will be missed and we will have a full report (maybe many reports!) after the Gathering. Those of you who cannot attend will be in our hearts and prayers. Perhaps the next time!

If you are attending we need the following information:

1.) Your screen name and e-mail address

2.) Your "real" name and the names of anyone attending with you.

3.) Your mode of transportation to Nashville... i.e., plane or driving.

4.) Arrival date and time

5.) Departure date and time

Flight numbers, Airlines and arrival and departure times at Nashville Airport will be forwarded to Linda ( as she is formulating a list for Jamie. Jamie has arranged to have several cars with drivers to taxi folks to the hotel. If you are planning on renting a car and would be willing to be a "taxi" for those without cars, please let Linda know that too.

Most of us are staying at the Crossland Hotel. But it's your choice. If anyone has missed that information in previous issues of The Ribbon let me know, and I can forward that to you.

As with anything that we caregivers do, we'll all pitch in together and help to make this a fun weekend for all. - Coeditor - Coeditor - Chat room Coordinator - Site Manager

The Ribbon Staff

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