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A Daisy Each Day, a poem by DKThomp

A Daughter's Dream a poem by WilloRain

A Time to Remember airs November 23 on The Hallmark Channel

A Very Different Love Story by Carole Mulliken

Advice: Caregiver wife, mom needs to take care of herself, too

Announcement: The Ribbon Online Opens!

Announcement: The Ribbon via snail mail

Around the Corner by Henson Towne

A Book for Spouses of Dementia Victims

A Change of Direction

A Change of Seasons

A Child Shows the Way, a Christmas Story by Mary Emma Allen

A Deeper Love For Mother, by Mary Emma Allen

A Different Kind of Grieving

A Final Word

A Full Deck of Discount Drug Cards

A Kitchen Window to the World, by Mary Emma Allen

A Letter from Datel123

A Letter from FibroFrazzled

A Life of My Own, a poem by Marcia

A Little Traveling Music Please...

A Message to My Caregivers

A More Enlightened Approach To Care Of Alzheimer's Patients

A Mother's Love, Even While Dying

A Must See Film: Assisted Living: The Movie

A New Name for Caregivers

A New Study

A Notice for Caregivers

A Personal Note from Karen

A Poem from Pam Gilbert Montambo

A Reminder... The Ribbon Newsletter Subscriptions

A Secret Communication - Between the Young and Infirm

A Secret Connection, by Mary Emma Allen

A Special Dedication

A Very Special Place to Work, by Jamie Aguilar

Acceptance, an essay by Datel123

AD Test Trials

Adult Day Centers: A Viable Alternative to Nursing Homes - from


All I Remember

Alz. Association Mourns Loss of Maureen Reagan

Alzheimer's Association Sponsors Patient Advocate

Alzheimer's Association Update: Reagan Legislation and $1 Billion for Alzheimer's Research

Alzheimer's Awareness Project: TimeSlips

Alzheimer's Books for Children

Alzheimer's Did You Know?

Alzheimer's Disease Insight: Explaining the Disease to Your Children

Alzheimer's Information Cards

Alzheimer's Is...

Alzheimer's Patients Find Rocking Relief

Alzheimer's Prayer

Alzheimer's Requires a Lot of Understanding, From Both Sides of the Disease

Alzheimer's Research Funding Bill

Alzheimer's Research Funding Needed

Alzheimer's Seminar for Middle Tennessee, Northern Alabama Residents

Alzheimer's Stages Chart

Alzheimer's Stamp

Alzheimer's Support on MSN

An Alzheimer's Prayer

An Anonymous Plea

An Idea Coming of Age?

An Open Letter To Dementia Caregivers Worldwide


Are you a Caregiver or a Caretaker?

ASA Members Invited to Test IBM Technology

Assisted Living can Enhance Life of Elderly

Attention All Better Health Chat Members

Attention! - Email Subject Lines

Author Mary Emma Allen Gives Talk on Alzheimer's



Before I Forget: The PWiD's Perspective: Seven Stages of Dementia

Before I Forget: Dedicated to the AD Patient's Perspective

Before I Forget: The Person With Dementia (PWiD) perspective

Before I Forget: The PWID's Perspective

Before I Forget: The PWiD's Perspective

Before I Forget: Elaine Wright Climbs Mt. Kilimanjaro

Before I Forget: Peter Ashley's Address at ADI 2002

Before I Forget: Understanding Dementia

Before I Forget: You Don't Look Like You Have Alzheimer's

Book Nook: News on BusyMomof4's New Book!

Book Nook: Nursing Homes, The Family's Journey

Book Nook: "Who Will I Be When I Die" by Christine Boden

Book Nook: Waiting for the Morning

Book Recommendation: Caregiving: The Spiritual Journey of Love, Loss, and Renewal

Book Recommendation: 'He Used to be Somebody' by Beverly Bigtree Murphy

Book Recommendation: 'Shades of Grace' by Barbara Delinsky

Book Recommendation: 'The Caregiver' by Aaron Alterra

Book Recommendation: 'The Notebook' by Nicholas Sparks

Book Review: Hard to Forget by Charles Pierce

Book Review: 'Decoding Darkness', by Rudy Tanzi and Ann Parson

Book Review: 'Facing Alzheimer's'

Book Review: 'Just Love Me'

Book Review: 'Losing My Mind' by Thomas DeBaggio

Book Review: The Positive Interactions Program of Activities for People with Alzheimer's Disease

Book Review 'Waiting for the Morning' by Brenda Parris Sibley

Book Review: Alzheimer's Disease by Paul Dash, MD and Nicole Villemarette-Pittman, PhD

Book Review: Just Love Me, My Live Turned Upside-down by Alzheimer's by Jeanne L. Lee

Baby Boomers as Caregivers, a Force to be Reckoned With

Barry Goldwater Dies at Age 89

Beanie Baby for Alzheimer's Disease

Beating The System By Being Prepared Can Prevent Agony

Beatitudes for Care

Bedsore Ointment

Before I Forget - A Person with Dementia's (PWiD's) Perspective

Before I Forget - Dedicated to the AD Patient's Perspective

Before I Forget, by Jan/Mina

Before I Forget: A PWiD's Perspective

Before I Forget: Chip Gerber's Online Journal

Before I Forget: The PWiD's Perspective

Before I Forget: The PWiD's Perspective

Before I Forget: The PWiD's Perspective

Before the Diagnosis: an essay by Janice Norman

Before You Forget, by Mary Emma Allen

Behavioral Problems, and How to Control Them

BigTreeMur's Response to Last Issue (#1)

BigTreeMur's Response to Last Issue (#2)

Birthing And Deathing

Bittersweet Holiday

Book for Alzheimer's Caregivers Wins Royal Palm Award During National Alzheimer's Disease Awareness Month

Book Links

Book Nook

Book Nook

Book Nook

Books for Children

Books to Help Children Understand Alzheimer's

Bookstore Update

Bringing Joy to Mother

Bruce Schwartz Donates All His Author's Royalties to Alzheimer's



Clinical Trial: Healthy Aging and Memory Study

Community News: Conference and Book Signing

Community News: Mary Emma Allen to Speak About Alzheimer's in St. Augustine

Correction: Leg massages could dislodge blood clots

Call for Comments from The Gathering Place

Care Giver, an anonymous poem

Care Tips for Men

Caregiver fo the Year Award

Caregiver Identification

Caregiver Online Survey - Participants Invited

Caregiver? Who me?

Caregiver's Bill of Rights

Caregiver's Checklist

Caregivers Must Take Care of Finances, Too

Caregiving -- The Next Step: Powerful Caregiving, Increased Energy

Caregiving Brochures Available from the American Association for Geriatric Psychiatry

Caregiving Chat Schedule Update

Caregiving Quiz

Caring for Late Stage Alzheimer's

Celebrating Mother's Life

Celebrating Mother's Life, by Mary Emma Allen

Changes at

Changes in Behavior Could Be A Sign

Changing Roles Come with Age

Chat Schedule For allHealth Support Groups, On AOL Only

Chat Schedule Update

Chat Schedule Update

Chat Schedule Update from

Chat Schedule Update from

Clinical Trial: Neramexane

Clinical Trials

Clinical Trials Web Program

Clinical Trials: CLASP and TAP/DAP

Coaching: A New Support for Care Givers

Column from Dear Abby

Communicating with the person with dementia, from Alzheimer Scotland

Communication Do's and Dont's for the Middle Stage

Communion Service in AD Unit

Community Extends Beyond The Walls Of The Community Hospital

Community Extends Beyond The Walls Of The Community Hospital

Congrats to The Gathering Place! - September 2003 TopSite Award


Coping with Alzheimer's: When Driving Becomes an Issue

Coping With Grief During The Holidays

Coping With Grief During The Holidays

Coping with the Holidays as a Caregiver

Couple in Love, a poem by Cindy T (Cyt46)

Creating Rituals During The Holidays

Creative Memories Scrapbook for Alzheimer's Association

Creative Memories Scrapbook for Alzheimer's Association

Creative Memories Triumph Album

Cry of a Caregiver, a poem by Cindy T



Dear Abby from a Brokenhearted Husband

Depression, an essay by Dean (Datel123)

DASN Launches New Website!

DASN Viewpoints: What to Say (or Not to Say) To Someone Diagnosed with Dementia

DASN: Something Very Special To Check Out

DASNi Camp Conference October 29-31

Datel123 on Following Your Heart

Datel123's Reply to Last Issue

David Coffelt's Helpful Long-Term Care Links

Daytime Chat Info

Dealing with an Aging Relative, Parts 2 and 3

Dealing with the Three Stages of Alzheimer's Disease

Dear Abby

Dear Abby

Dear Abby: Caregiver Stretched too Thin

Dear Ann - Being the Sole Caregiver

Dear Mom; With Undying Love, Debbie - Letter # 13: The Final Lesson

Defining the term 'Caregiver'

Dementia Affects Family Members as Well as Sufferer

Dementia Documentary

Dementia Information for Children and Teens

Developing New Traditions, by Mary Emma Allen

Diagnosis Unknown, by Risa Levovsky

Diagnostic Markers for Alzheimer's Disease

Different Strokes

Difficult Decisions

Distance Complicates Caregiving

Do unto others as you want done unto you... Treat others as you want to be treated... by Risa Levovsky

Don't Feel Guilty! by Beverly Bigtree Murphy, MS., CRC., Caregiver

Durable Powers of Attorney



Eyes That Don't See, a poem by Doug Thompson

Early Identification Resource Kit

Email and Snail Mail Bag

Encouraging Caregivers, by Mary Emma Allen

End Stage Care

English Passage, Adapted for Our Loved Ones

Enhancing Life For Alzheimer's Patients: Some Gift Ideas

Enhancing Life For the Older Adult with Alzheimer's Disease or Other Dementias

Enhancing Life For the Older Adult with Alzheimer's Disease or Other Dementias: Some Gift Ideas

Enhancing Life For the Older Adult with Alzheimer's Disease or Other Dementias: Some Gift Ideas

Exchange of Letters with Vital Information

Exercise Protects Against Alzheimer's


Experience Of Death



From Recipe Corner: 'Bubba's Shrimp Alfredo' and 'Franky's Fantastick'

From the Archives: Careigver's Bill of Rights

From The Archives: Nursing Home Checklist

From the Archives: Stages of Alzheimer's Disease: 7 Stage Model

From The Archives: Your Rights as a Relative

From Archives: Behavioral Problems

From Archives: How Do I Manage Behavioral Problems?

From Archives: Enhancing Life For the Older Adult with Alzheimer's Disease or Other Dementias: Some Gift Ideas

From Bookstore: The House on Beartown Road, A Memoir of Learning and Forgetting, by Elizabeth Cohen

Failure-Free Activities for the Alzheimer's Person

Family Caregiver Internet Study Results

Family Problems, from an Anonymous Reader

Feeding Tubes

Feeding Tubes: To be or not to be, that is the question...


Financial Assistance Available to Alzheimer's Caregivers

Finding the Person's Assets

Focusing on the Light: A Challenge to Professional and Family Caregivers of Alzheimer's Patients

From Jan/Mina's Journal: Oct. 6, 2001

From The Archives: Are You A Caretaker or Caregiver?

From The Archives: Caregiver's Bill of Rights

From the Recipe Corner: Banana Split Cake, Broccoli Salad and More

From The Ribbon Mail Bag

From the Guestbook

FSU Student Needs our Help!



Generation to Generation, an essay by Mary Emma Allen

GoF '01: More from the Gathering

GoF '01: A Huge Success!!

GoF '01: Final Report

Gof '01: GoF Website is Up!

Gof '01: Lodging and Arrival Information

Gof '01: Memory Walk Nashville 2001

GoF '01: Remarks from Gathering Participants

Gof '01: Update

GoF '03: T-Shirts, Paperwork and the Grand Ole Opry

GoF 2003: Donations

GoF 2003: We Need Pictures!

Good News! StudyWeb cites The Ribbon as one of Web's Best Educational Resources

Good News! The Ribbon and Brenda Avadian's New Book!

Good News! The Ribbon Named AOL People Connection Newsletter of the Week!

Grief and Guilt: Contributed by STSWillie

Gathering of Friends

Gathering of Friends - Memories

Gathering of Friends '03

Gathering of Friends 2003

Gathering of Friends 2003 - First Deadline Approaching

Gathering Of Friends 2003 - October 10-13 in Nashville

Gathering of Friends 2003 Clarifications and Updates

Gathering of Friends: Help raise funds for Alzheimer's research

Gathering of Friends: Memory Walk Fundraising, Music City Fun!

Gathering Place and Chat Schedules

Get Into Their World, from

Getting the Help You Need

Getting the Numbers Right!

Give Yourself A Gift For Valentines Day: Explore The Benefits Of Joining A Support Group

GoF '03: Site Selection

GoF 2003 Photo Album Online

GoF 2003 Remembered

GoF Journal

GoF Journal

GP Holiday Announcement


Grappling With Guilt

Grief and Healing by KathyBMom

Grief, Mourning and Guilt



Happenings: Alzheimer's / Dementia Quilt

Happenings: Caregiving Book Idea

Happenings: 'Forget Me Never' to be Aired on CBS

Happenings: Gathering of Friends '99

Happenings: Gathering of Friends '99

Happenings: The Ribbon Online Becomes a 'Recommended Site'

Help! Ribbon Subscribers Reach 400!

Helpful Link: Aspartame Disease

Helpful Link: Complete Guide to Alzheimer's-Proofing Your Home by Mark Warner

Helpful Link: Sec. 21. Expenses for Household and Dependent Care Services Necessary for Gainful Employment

Helpful Link: When Tomorrow Starts

Helpful Links: F.D.A. Issuing for Collusion with Monsanto

Heroes, an article from Jan and Mina

Huge News! GP and Leeza's Place

Happy Mother's Day!

Hello Everyone! - from launch event

Help Stop This Bill - PRPA

Help Study the Impact of Alzheimer's on Children and Grandchildren

Helpful Hints

Helpful Hints for End Stage Feeding

Helpful Link

Helpful Links from LIZA 513

Helping Children Cope with Dementia

Helping Your Elder Adjust to a Residential Facility

Hey Gang! (News Breaking Soon Hint #3)

Hints for Caregivers of Alzheimer's Patients

Hiring In-Home Help

Holiday Gift Ideas!

Holiday Gift Ideas! from EASE

Holiday Thoughts 2002

Host a Forgetting House Party! - Round 2

HOST AHTH AC Announces Departure from AllHealth Support Chats

How to Choose a Nursing Home that Actually Cares

How to Find a Good Attorney

How to Help a Loved One Give up the Car Keys

How to Help Your Loved One when She Denies She Needs Help, by Mary C. Fridley RN, C

How to Respond to Paranoia, Delusions and Hallucinations

How to Support the Dying

How Will You Know When Death Has Occured?

Human or Saint?



Ideas: A New Name for Caregivers

In This Room, a poem from Ellen

Input Needed! Antidepressants

I Have Alzheimer's: Thoughts from Alzheimer's Patients

I Promise I'll Never Put You in a Nursing Home

Important Notice to Ribbon Subscribers

In Defense of Incontinence Products, by Beverly Bigtree Murphy, MS

In Memory of Madelaine Hyde

In Passing: Those We Must Remember

In Passing: Those We Must Remember

In Passing: Those We Must Remember

In Passing: Those We Must Remember

In Passing: Those We Must Remember

In Passing: Those We Must Remember

In Passing: Those We Must Remember

In Passing: Those We Must Remember

In Passing: Those We Must Remember

In Passing: Those We Must Remember

In Passing: Those We Must Remember

In Passing: Those We Must Remember

In Passing: Those We Must Remember

In Passing: Those We Must Remember

In Passing: Those We Must Remember

In Passing: Those We Must Remember

In Passing: Those We Must Remember

In Passing: Those We Must Remember

In Passing: Those We Must Remember

In Passing: Those We Must Remember

In Passing: Those We Must Remember

In Passing: Those We Must Remember

In Passing: Those We Must Remember

In Passing: Those We Must Remember

In Passing: Those We Must Remember

Incontinence (Wetting or Soiling)

Informative News: And Thou Shalt Honor and Platinum Women With Heart


Intimacy, Marriage and Alzheimer's Disease

Introduction to a New Writer

Introduction to Support Group Hosts

Inving Relatives in Caregiving

Invitation to Participate in Research for Persons Living with EOAD

Invite those who judge to try a few steps in your shoes

Issues for Children and Teenagers

It's a Pity Party... and You're Invited!

It's Hot Outside, by Mary C. Fridley RN, BC

It's Just a Figure of Speech, by Mary C. Fridley RN, C



Just for GP: One Year After GoF 2001

Jamie Aguilar named 2003 Family Caregiver of the Year


Jane Levy Alzheimer's Forum Opens

Jane's Place @

Journey's End

Just for GP

Just for GP: GP Welcomes Its 10,000th Visitor; Where Will GoF 2003 Be Held?

Just When You Think Nobody is Listening



Keep Alzheimer's Patients Talking

Key Provisions of the Family & Medical Leave Act of 1993



Little Girl Lost, a poem by Ellen

Lost With Words, a poem by Lynn S. Keane

Love, No Dying Ember, a poem by Doug Thompson

Leaving Home, by Mary C. Fridley RN, C

Life is a Bowl of Cherries

Linking Diet to Alzheimer's Disease

Links of Interest

List of Information and Support Groups

Live Discussion Groups: Schedule for August

Long Distance Care

Long Distance Caregivers

Long Distance Caregivers Continued...

Long Distance Caregiving

Long-Term Care Insurance

Look For Signs That An Elderly Loved One Could Use Your Help



Medical News: Alpha-2M

Medical News: Aquarium Fish Soothe Alzheimer's Patients

Medical News: Blindness found in victims of Alzheimer's

Medical News: Brain Cell-Stimulating Pathway May Help Treat Diseases

Medical News: Common microbe may have role in Alzheimer's

Medical News: Dementia Guide Created for Doctors

Medical News: Effects of Aricept on Brain Activity of Alz. Patients

Medical News: Elder Care Roughest on Daughters

Medical News: Exelon is now available for Alzheimer's Disease

Medical News: F.D.A. Issuing for Collusion with Monsanto

Medical News: Galantamine

Medical News: Light Therapy

Medical News: LSU Scientist Says New Drug Will Save Brain Cells Attacked By Neurological Injury Or Disease

Medical News: Metifronate Improves Psychiatric Profile of Alzheimer's Patients

Medical News: Prions May Cause Alzheimers, Says Nobel Winner

Medical News: ProMem Improves Symptoms Of Alzheimer's

Medical News: Proper Dementia Diagnosis May Help Assure Patients Receive Appropriate Treatment

Medical News: Researchers Find New Indicators For Alzheimer's Disease

Medical News: Risperdal Significantly Decreases Schizophrenia Relapse Risk

Medical News: Some Anti-Depressants May Increase Risk of Upper Gastrointestinal Bleeding

Medical News:Report questions care for end-stage dementia

Medical Trial - Prevention of Alzheimer's Disease by Vitamin E and Selenium

Medical Trials: M2 Receptor Measurements and Immune-modulating and Anti-inflammatory Therapy

Mom, Why Are You Crying? from OldRmebrat

Mother's Nature, a poem by Lynn S. Keane

My Ann, a poem by Doug K. Thompson

Maintaining Energy, Vitality, and Spirituality

Maintaining Selfhood and Dignity in Individuals with Alzheimer's Disease

Making a 'This is Your Life' Book

Meal Times Tricks and Secrets


Medical History Chart

Medical News

Medical News

Medical Problems

Medical Problems

Memantine wins FDA drug approval

Memories of Jessie, by Mary C. Fridley RN, BC

Memory Walk Donations

Memory Walks

Memory Walks: Time to Start Gathering Sponsors

Mina Introduces Dementia Advocacy and Support Network (DASN)

Mission Not Impossible: Managing Alzheimer's Related Behaviors, by Mary C. Fridley, RN, C

My Heart is Full: Kenneth M. Lovegren 1917-2003

My View: Caregivers could use a break now and then



Not Growing Old, a poem by John E. Roberts

Nashville Thoughts

Navigating the World of Managed Care

Negative or Positive Choices

Never to be Forgotten

New Group Yields Big Ideas

New Holiday Shopping Ideas

New Holiday Shopping Ideas!

New Mexico Alzheimer's Association Introduces Sunday Evening Chat

New Search Tool for Nursing Home Information

News from The Gathering Place

News from The Gathering Place

News from

News from The Gathering Place

News that will be breaking soon

News that will be breaking soon: Hint #2

Nine A's for Alzheimer's Care

Normal Emotional - Spiritual - Mental Signs & Symptoms With Appropriate Responses

Normal Physical Signs & Symptoms With Appropriate Responses

Not Home for the Holidays, by Mary Emma Allen

Not Too Much Notice Recommended

November is National Family Caregivers Month

Nursing Home Checklist

Nursing Home Links

Nursing Home Safety



Oh! My Aching Back, by Mary C. Fridley RN, C

On Our Own Terms

One of The Ribbon's Avid Fans to be on Radio



Poetry: An Old Lady's Poem

Poetry: 'As Time Goes By'

Poetry: 'As Time Goes By'

Poetry: 'CareGiver' by WilloRain

Poetry: 'HUGS' by WilloRain

Poetry: 'If Dutch Could Talk' by Marsha Dumeyer Drescher

Poetry: If Tommorrow Never Comes

Poetry: 'Letting Go'

Poetry: 'Psalm of Life' by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

Poetry: 'The Old Woman'

Poetry: 'The Visit' by JoAnn714

Poetry: 'The Weeping Willo Tree' by WilloRain

Poetry: To My Children

Poetry: 'To My Children'

Poetry: 'When You Get Little and I Get Big' by Sheryl Gaskins

Poetry 'A Longing Still' by Doug Thompson

Poetry 'Home Forever' by Joan Clifton Costner

Poetry 'Mom' by FLYINGFGRS

Poetry: 'Beautiful Bride' by Doug Thompson

Poetry: Two Hearts Broken, by Marcia Arnold

Point of View: Mina on Early Onset AD

Participating in Clinical Trials: What You Need to Know

Patient-Friendly Clothing

Paying for Nursing Home Care

Peace be with You, by Mary C. Fridley RN, C

Pending Law for Caregivers - Senate Bill 1536

Penny for Your Thoughts

People with Dementia and their Caregivers Need Special Consideration During Holidays

Personalize Outings for Persons with Dementia

Pharmaceutical Industry Launches

Planning the Legal and Financial Transition

Poetry Corner

Poet's Corner

Points to Ponder

Practical Tips for Caregivers by Mary C. Fridley RN, C

Preparing for Change and Dealing with Resistance

Preparing for the End

Preparing to be a Caregiver

Prepping for the Holidays

Prepping for the Holidays

President Reagan's Alzheimer's

Public Policy Forum

Putting the Brakes on Driving



Quality of Life

Question of the Month: Bath Time



Recipe Corner: Asparagus Impossible Pie

Recipe Corner: Bohemian Crushed Pineapple Cake and More

Recipe Corner: Brocoli Salad and More

Recipe Corner: Bubba's Shrimply Marvelous Pasta Salad

Recipe Corner: Chicken Piccata

Recipe Corner: Deep Fried Dill Pickles and Holiday Gift Ideas

Recipe Corner: Shrimp Lamaze

Recipe Corner: Spicy Orange Salad with Green Onions

Remember Me, a poem by Kenneth Chafin

Radio Interview!: Sylvia Nissenboim on Coping with Caregiving

Re: Alzheimer's Research Funding Freeze

Re: Special News From The Ribbon

Reinventing Rituals

Remember Caregivers; They Need a Little Pampering, too, by Sameh Fahmy

Remembrance, from Doug Thompson's Journal


Repetitive Actions

Replies to Jamie's Daycare Question

Reponses to Message from George B.

Resistance to Care by Risa Levovsky

Resource from National Alliance for Caregiving

Respite Care: Dare to Ask for the Help You Need

Responding Positively to Alzheimer's Patients

Responses to Article on Incontinence

Responses to Donation Letter

Responses to Special Issue

Ronald Reagan

Rosalynn Carter Institute Caring & Competent Caregiver Award




Second Home, a poem by Marcia Arnold

Second Home, a poem by Marcia Arnold

Site News: Help Wanted!

Site News: Help Wanted, Site Tour and Recipe Corner Update

Site News: Just in Time for the New Year!

Site News: Message Board and Forum Open!

Site News: Not Just an Award

Site News: Recipe Corner

Site News: The Ribbon Earns Four Stars from

Site News: The Ribbon is Number 1 !!!!

Site News: Reaches 22,000 Hits!

Site News: Recipe Corner

Site News: Welcomes 23,000th Visitor

Saying Goodbye to Independent Living


Share Card by Pfizer

Share the Word

Shared Experiences: Suggestions for those with Alzheimer's Disease - Book and Audio Tape from


Sign the Petition for the Government Program for Caregivers of Disabled Persons

Signs of Caregiver Distress

Signs of Caregiver Stress

Simple Stress-Reducers for Alzheimer's Caregivers

Simple Test to Detect Alzheimer's

Sixteen Hours

Sleepless in Seattle, Baltimore, Rochester... Why Mamma Doesn't Sleep, by Mary C. Fridley RN, BC

Snail and E- Mailbags

Snail Mail

Snail Mail Bag

Snail Mail Bag

Snail Mail Bag

Snail Mail Bag

Snippets from the Valentine's Day Chat in Memory of Alzjane198

Solving Communication Problems

Some Suggestions for Wandering

Something New at The Gathering Place

Something to Make You Think

Special Requests


Spotlight on Caregiving

Stages of Ability Decline & Behaviors Symptoms by Eileen Driscoll R.N.

Stages of Alzheimer's Disease

Stages, by Mary C. Fridley RN, BC

Strategies for Managing Stress

Strategies for Successful Bathing

Stress Management by SewingBabe

Study Links Alzheimer's Risk to Father's Age

Summer Dream, a poem by Doug Thompson

Support Alzheimer Research - Host a House Party for The Forgetting

Support Group Chat

Support Group Chats

Support Groups

Support Groups are Essential to Caregiver Wellbeing

Surgery and Memory



Thanks! Jon Stewart plays for Alz. Association on Millionaire

The Answer's No and The Answer is Yes, poetry from Jerry Ham

The Caregiving Years: Stage 1: The Expectant Caregiver

The Caregiving Years: Stage 2: The Freshman Caregiver and Stage 3: The Entrenched Caregiver

The Caregiving Years: Stage 4: The Pragmatic Caregiver

The Caregiving Years: Stage 5: The Transitioning Caregiver

The Caregiving Years: Stage 6: The Godspeed Caregiver

The Fallout of Alzheimer's, an essay by Dean (Datel123)

The Heart Remembers, an essay by Cwadephill

The Long Goodbye Update: QuickQuotes - New Message Board Moves to DataPoint Networks Takes 4th Place at TopSites! Temporary Site Change welcomes its 15,000th visitor! Dedication Garden

Trips Your Loved One Should Never Take, by Mary C. Fridley RN, C

Two Mothers Remembered, an anonymous poem

Taking Care of Ourselves

Technical Difficulties at

Teenage Caregivers


Telling Tales, by Mary C. Fridley RN, C

Ten Things I Have Learned Along the Way, by a Registered Nurse



The Bells Are Ringing!

The Big Question: Should We Tell the Patient?

The Choice to Care at Home

The Common Bonds of Caregiving

The Conversation

The Dementia Victim's Perspective

The Fearless Caregiver Conference

The Fearless Caregiver Conference - A Follow-up

The Forgetting: A Portrait of Alzheimer's

The Gathering Place - Site Update

The Golden Years

The History of Hanukkah

The History of Kwanzaa

The History of Ramadan

The Joys of Alzheimer's, an essay by PHOTOLJT

The Lady With The Chartreuse Shoes

The Many Challenges of Sundowning, by Starr Calo-oy

The Mysterious Case of the Hoarder

The Police and Alzheimer Patients

The Ribbon - #1 for 2003!!!

The Ribbon Bookstore is now Open!

The Ribbon Celebrates!!!

The Ribbon Finishes #6!!

The Ribbon Needs Your Help!

The Ribbon Online Message Board Opens

The Ribbon Online Updates

The Ribbon Rules!

The Ribbon Website

The Role Of Being A Caregiver Is No Accident, an essay by Gail Mitchell

The Stages of Caregiving

The Three Stages of Alzheimer's Disease

The Wave of The Future: WozNet

There Once Was A Woman: An Alzheimer's Story

There's Always A Second Chance, by Mary Emma Allen at Alzheimer's TopSites Site Manager is Teen of the Week Status Update Voted Top Alz. / Caregiving Site

Thoughts on EOAD, by Cwadephill (Jan/Mina)

Tips and Tricks: Conversational Circles

Tips, Tricks ad Helpful Hints

To Diaper Or Not To Diaper? Is That a Question?: Alzheimer's Disease and Incontinence

Top Alzheimer's Caregiving Websites: Alzheimer's Support on MSN

Touched by an Angel

Town Hall Meeting and Webcast

Trauma of Diagnosis

Traveling with the Alzheimer's Patient

Twelve Things Not to Say to a Caregiver!



Unpredictable Situations

Update from the Caregiver's Voice

Urgent Legislative Alert: Lifespan Respite Care Act (HR 1083, S. 538)

Using Family Meetings to Resolve Eldercare Issues

Using Usual Items To Do Unusual Tasks



Vote Alert! Vote for us at Alzheimer's TopSites!

Vascular Dementia

Veterans Alert

Virus Alert

Visiting in the Adult or Nursing Home



Want to Chat? and Gathering Place Chat Schedules

Who are You? by DKThomp

Wandering - Action Steps

Want to Chat?

Want To Chat?

Want to Chat?: GP and Chat Info

Want to Talk About It?

Wanting to Go Home

Warning! Hidden Trap!, a story by Valirose

We Could All Learn A Thing From This 10-Year-Old

We need your ideas! - Caregiver's Store Design Contest

What causes Dementia?

What does the word 'Thanksgiving' mean?

What is "Communication" to the Person with Alzheimer's?

What is Dementia?

What is it like to have Alzheimer's?

What Is Love?.....

What is Quality of Life?

What is Vascular Dementia?

When is it 'time' responses

When Our Parents Become Our Children

When Packing a Suitcase: A Helpful Reminder List for Alzheimer's Patients

When People With Dementia Walk - Guidance for Carers

When to Consider Relocation

White Wolf

Who's in Charge Here? - Relationships between You and Your Aging Loved One

Why Alzheimer's Patients Behave the Way They Do

Words from Karen

Working With Your Doctor: Tips for a Successful Visit

Writing a Book About Alzheimer's, by Mary Emma Allen



You Can Never Win an Argument With an AD Patient

You Have the Power to Choose a Physician who is Caregiver Friendly

Your Answers: Children and Alzheimer's

Your Comments About Feeding Tubes

Your Rights as a Relative

Your Viewpoint: Antidepressants


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