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The Weeping Willo Tree

Sadness falls beneath the trees,
As Willo weeps with me.
Don't walk away yet Mama,
I've more for you to see.

I wonder where I'll be someday,
When Mama isn't free
To tell her daughter how she feels,
Her daughter....that is me.

Don't walk away yet Mama,
I need you in my life!
I try to do the best I can,
But that's not even right.

So happy, such a sparkle,
You gave with such a style.
Now hidden deep within you,
I miss your loving smile.

Don't walk away yet Mama,
We've just begun the fight.
I'll walk with you forever,
Or till you see the light.

My heart breaks deeply for you,
Why can't I make it clear?
I'll be there with you Mama,
Until the end is near.

Don't walk away yet Mama,
Why did this have to be?
Don't walk away yet Mama,
You are the world to me.....

The Willo trees are weeping,
And tears are flowing free.
Hearts are breaking everywhere,
You've walked away from me.....
And Willo weeps with Me.....

Loraine ' 98

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