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The Answer's No

Am I ready for her to go beyond this vale of tears and woe?
Am I ready to say good-bye, to say, "Dear God, release her soul?"
My heart tells me it's better, for her to leave this life.
But my emotions are all tangled, and there's still a lot of strife.

Each day's a brand new journey, and the path is still unknown.
And Lord you've been beside me and I know that I have grown.
I've bathed and clothed and fed her. I've stood close to guide her feet.
And yes to be quite honest, there are days when I am beat.

To listen to her talk can sometimes drive me up a wall.
I long to hear the phone ring, just to hear a friendly call.
This lady is my mother, who along with my dear dad,
To bring us up the right way, they gave everything they had.

And now I watch her daily, always with a broken heart.
This terrible disease has pulled us ever so far apart.
The world in which she's captive, is from the distant past.
And I can't help but wonder, how much longer must it last?

Yes, I know it would be better, if God would let her go.
But I have to face the question, am I ready? The answer's no.

© 1998, Jerry Ham

The Answer is Yes

I offer this prayer Lord, just a simple request,
And I can't help but hope that the answer is yes.
I ask that You act, out of mercy and love,
And call your child home to Heaven above.

Lord, she is tired, and has been through so much,
Please ease her suffering with your kind gentle touch.
I once asked the question, was I ready to let go?
I responded quite strongly, the answer was no.

But Lord, things have changed; it's just not the same.
She is close to the end of playing life's game.
Her parents and husband have gone on ahead,
I know she would rather be there instead.

There's no quality of life, except what we give,
And Lord, I do think this is no way to live.
So I offer this prayer Lord, just a simple request.
Should You ask if I'm ready, the answer is yes.

2001, Jerry Ham

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