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The Ribbon - Care for Caregivers
By Doug K. Thompson

Wild leaves that the cold wind have blown.
Now to be covered in snow white as a gown.
People hurrying as the fall chill comes down.
Busy to buy for the holiday all about town.

Pumpkins for pie, a delight to the eye.
Turkey with all trimmings fit for our meat.
Fresh candied yams, oh my, how sweet.
Cranberry sauce so tart the palate to greet.
Honied ham with sauce just for a treat.
Tis a day to show how we love to eat.

Together we come the family complete.
First to worship, a Thanksgiving for all.
We ask for His blessings, to prayer we retreat.
All things He supplies for our banquet hall.

Come, O come, all thankful people come with hymn.
Join in all the good blessings and come let us sing.
With thankful hearts a song of grateful praise to Him.
Living in a land of plenty our thanksgiving we bring.

Thanksgiving a time for family tis true.
Let's come together though many or few.
A time for each family to remember anew.
Thankful for the year we've been through.

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