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The Ribbon - Care for Caregivers
If Dutch Could Talk
by Marsha Dumeyer Drescher (MDres0608)

Although I walk aimlessly around
From hall to hall with my head hung down
If I could unscramble my jumbled mind
I'd want to think you for being so kind

My children watch as you gently care for me
And pray to Our Lord that patient you'll continue to be
I have taught them that everyone has a cross to bear
Theirs is lighter because you are there

This deck of cards that has been dealt to me
Is made so much easier because you treat me with dignity
Your gentle touch and loving words
You probably think go unheard

If I had imagined I'd end up here
A mixed up man whose mind isn't clear
I would have lived my life differently,
Oh yes I would I would stop and smell the roses like we all should

My loved ones know your days are long
And believe you'll make it to heaven where you belong
I'll probably get there before you do
But I'll wait with St. Peter to welcome you through

Those pearly gates in heaven above,
That place reserved for those who love
When you see me, say Howdy Dutch,
I'll finally thank you, Oh So Much

dedicated to the staff at my Dad's nursing home

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