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The Ribbon - Care for Caregivers
Hello Everyone,
Well, through some pushin' and persuadin', someone has talked me into sharing another of my Poems !! I chose this one mainly because it always reminds me of all the *HUGS* and Help you have so graciously given to me, especially in my time of needing support. I consider you my second Family, and though I may not be able to visit the room as often as I would like, I know in my heart that you will always be there. So, I Thank You, My Friends ! *HUGS*... Happiness & Good Health to All !!
"Willo" ..... Loraine

:*` `*::*` `*:


There's Hugs that help
And Hugs that heal,
They touch a person's Heart.
They wrap themselves around you
To make the tears depart.

:*` `*:

They make you safe
From harmful thoughts,
And show you someone cares.
And in the times you need them,
They'll always be right there.

:*` `*:

They'll comfort you
When you are down,
And get you through the day.
When doubt is in your aching heart,
Just know they're here to stay.

:*` `*:

So give a Hug
There is no cost,
Let someone know the Love.
They will see that Hugs are free,
It's Them you're thinking of.

:*` `*:

For Hugs are felt
Around the world,
And words, there is no need.
Hugs show you care and you'll be there,
You are a Friend indeed.....

Loraine '98'
{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{ *HUGS* To All }}}}}}}}}}}}}}}
And God Bless !!

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