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A Daughter's Dream
a poem by WilloRain

I had a dream the other day,
And afterwards I had to pray.
I prayed "Dear Lord, Please help me through,
And make this dream be real and true."
See...Mama's sick and she forgets,
At times she says we've never met.

I care for Mama night and day,
I try my best in every way.
With each new dawn, it seems to me,
She loses more of her memory.

It's sad to see when Mama cries,
I hold her close and dry her eyes.
The dream I had, I wish were true,
That's why Dear Lord I've come to you.

In my dream a perfect rose,
Was in the hand of a woman posed.
Then...I saw her walking near,
Her eye's were bright and crystal clear.

Her mind was sharp, her smile bright,
She had a glow...a 'Shining Light.'
Loving words rolled from her tongue,
The one's I knew when I was young.

She held me in a long embrace,
As tears of Joy rolled down my face.
It was my Mama gleamed in wealth,
For You had given her good health.

The Alz. Disease that robes her mind,
Was gone because You love mankind.
That's when I thought, was this a dream?
And my tears began to stream.

Because you let me have a look,
At things You promise in Your Book.
So, now I know this 'dream' IS true,
It's all I need to get me through.

When times get tough, I'll hold her hand,
I'll try to help her understand.
That when she comes to live with You,
You will restore the Mom I knew....

Thank You Lord, for being there,
Please Bless all Caregiver's, everywhere....

Dedicated to my 'Little Mama' with Alzheimer's
"Love You Mama"

From WilloRain

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