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A Daisy Each Day

When love was tender and spring was new.
We two became one without much ado.
But you must promise me along life's way,
To bring me a fresh yellow daisy each day.

Our summer of love was so full of life.
She was now mother as well as a wife.
The promise was kept while the children did play.
Remembering to give her a yellow daisy each day.

Maturing of love colorful as the autumn hues.
We walked hand in hand sharing daily news.
Promise not forgotten in the path of life's way.
I sought out a fresh yellow daisy each day.

The winter brought illness that left her frail.
I loved and cared for her through this long vale.
The promise still fresh while light turned gray.
I brought with care a yellow daisy each day.

Now alone I ponder what will be life's new way.
My heart still full of love as if it were that first May.
The promise alive in the quiet place where she lay.
I kneel down and leave a yellow daisy each day.

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