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The Ribbon - Care for Caregivers
A Tender Touch
by Marian J. Summers

They only need a moment,
That's not asking very much.
Just give them each a greeting,
A hug, a tender touch.

Stroke the greying lock of hair.
Or kiss the weathered cheek,
And go about your business,
Your full and busy week.

It won't take long to visit.
They have nothing much to say.
Their days are pretty much the same
But pause along the way,

And join them in their world,
For just a little while.
Long enough to greet them,
Long enough to make them smile.

Theres no longer very many
Who take time out of their day
To concern themselves about them.
Its too depressing, so they say.

They are diapered, and they slobber,
And they dribble at their food.
They may not talk intelligentily
Or be in a happy mood,

But spare a smile, a tender touch,
Knowledge that they exist,
For there may be a point in time
When you end up like this.

When your loved ones will forsake you
Cause you won't know they are there,
But you need a hug from someone,
You need someone there to care.

written by Grandma402

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