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Alzheimer's is...

  • Getting dressed to go out and you come down the stairs wearing your clothes but your underwear and bra are on the outside.
  • Going to a restaurant and asking questions about what you do with a fork, knife, and spoon, only to have your family laugh because they think it's a joke...only it's not.
  • Driving roads you have known for years but you take a wrong turn and end up in a different town; when you finally get home; you are literally trembling with fear.
  • Never wanting your spouse to be out of your sight; so you follow them around like a puppy.
  • Asking a question, and then asking the same question five minutes later then asking it again, and again, and again.
  • Coming downstairs and finding a stranger in the house; you ask who this person is and why he is turns out this person is your son.
  • Speaking gentle words to a little kitten on the table that no one else seems to see.
  • Wanting to go home after you have been on a trip, only to find out you are already home...but you don't believe it.
  • Thinking you are going to work as your spouse packs your lunch, hands you your briefcase, and then drives you to daycare.
  • Walking out the door in the middle of the night and getting lost; and having to have the Police come and find you.
  • Loving to play with toys meant for a toddler even though you are a man who built his own home.
  • Staying up late every night packing and repacking the same towels in the same drawer in your bedroom.
  • Talking and talking except no one understands you; all they can hear is gibberish.
  • Recalling the good old days as you sit and look at photographs...but you think the person sitting next to you is your mother... and not your wife.

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